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Mees Borgman is a performer, theatermaker and musician.

In 2015 she graduated from the Theaterschool of Amsterdam where she studied Mime.

Since then she has been working as a performer in multiple productions in The Netherlands and Norway. Text-based pieces, movement-based pieces, art installations, site-specific works, film and more.


As a performer Mees is always looking for a personal connection with the material and the audience/witnesses. Where does the personal meet the universal and vice versa?

As a maker she is interested in the ecological questions of our time and is in search of making her art from sources like language, movement, music and landscape.


With Espen Hjort she started Landmarks Collective. They are looking for radical equality with non-humans. Their first performance ‘Stonework’, a duet between a human and a stone, is the first of many pieces based on their dogma of inviting the non-human as a co-creator in their work. Their next pieces will be Treework (2024) and Mountainwork (2025).


As a musician Mees has been using her voice throughout almost all the productions she collaborated in. Outside of the theater she produces her own music and in collaboration with others. In search of an ecological way of creating and bringing songs she is working currently on her new collection of songs: ROND. 12 pieces based on the months of a year.


To see her full CV, see the documents on this page.

To listen to her music, you can find her on: Spotify.

To find out more about Landmarks Collective and their work:

And to get in touch:

+31 6 531 55 909 (The Netherlands)

+47 48 91 33 82 (Norway)

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