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Monte Verita

Eline Arbo / NNT

During the beginning of the 20th century, a group of young artists, anarchists and idealists started a community in Switzerland at the mountain Monte Verita

At the beginning of the twentieth century a group of young artists start an eco village on the mountain Monte Vérita (Mountain of Truth) in Switzerland.

It became a place where radical thinkers came together to find alternatives for the capitalistic, industrialized society of Europe. They found each other in their motivations and manifestos, but never found the compromise that is needed to create something new.

How to make paradise work? Do you need to be radical to create change?


Directed by: Eline Arbo

Performed by: Mees Borgman, Tim Linde, Felix Schellekens,

Isabela Houdtzagers en Bram van der Heijden

Musical composition by: Thijs van Vuure

Stage design by: Juul Dekker

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