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Zwarte Lente

Espen Hjort / Theater Utrecht

Zwarte Lente ('Black Spring') was created in 2020. A piece that integrates text, movement and music in a total composition.

Zwarte Lente engages with ecology and the emotional and spiritual consequences of the current destruction of nature. It departs from the suggestion that we human beings are in a relational crisis with nature - or perhaps more like a break-up. Inspired by ecofeminism and sexual ecology, the work suggests that our relationship to nature is not that of a child towards a parent, but more of a relationship between lovers. In which there are actual consequences, and breaking up is an actual possibility.

The staging took place in a set created as a reflection on the empty space, using rusted metal plates as the ground on which we live. 

The fantasy about a disappearing nature was the initial spark for Zwarte Lente. The environment is part of who we are. What happens if we cause so much damage that it disappears, like a lover disappearing in the night?

Directed & written by: Espen Hjort

Performed by: Mees Borgman, Dries de Sutter & Marko Ivic

Music by: Marko Ivic

Stage design by: Grischa Runge

Costume design by: Esmee Thomassen

Dramaturgy by: Joris van der Meer

Directors assistance by:  Erasmus Mackenna

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