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Giulio d'Anna

O O O O O O O O is a dance theatre work inspired by “The museum of broken relationships” of Zagreb and, as for the museum, it revolves around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins.

The material presented sources from the Curriculum Vitae of the performers and from European statistics data. Events and personal information of each life have been under investigation. The performers have been asked to embody verbally and physically memories and experiences of damaged intimacy.

The desire of sharing personal memories, challenging the limit of what is comfortable and what is private, led to the creation of a series of living documents of emotions that cannot be translated in words. Performers embraced the idea of exposing their feelings and memories as a sort of ritual, a cathartic cerimony. Can that also inspire our personal search for deeper insights and strengthen our belief in something more meaningful than random suffering?

O O O O O O O O O is a mirror of the emotional state of the young European adults. A sort of postmodern musical that aims to offer a moment of self-identification and reflection.

Winning project of Anticorpi XL CollaborAction 2013 and nomination for the Zwaan (VSCD) 'most uitstanding dance production' 2014

Performed by: Mees Borgman, Francesco Barba, Lana Coporda, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, Anastasiia Liubchenko, Pavlos Marios Ktoridis, Maciej Sado, and Isadora Tomasi.

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