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Besides creating and performing theatrical work, I also create my own music. 

Music is an essential part of my work. When I am collaborating or creating solo work, it is always a starting point. The musicality of the body, the room and fantasy I find interesting and inspiring. Music as a thought, music as creator of a moment in time.

I create my music intuitive and impulsive. My voice is the most important instrument, though I use a variety of instruments and objects that I feel fit in what I am creating. 

It feels like folk music. I am looking for a imaginative world where I can take you to. 

I write my texts myself. Mostly English, also in Dutch and Norwegian. 

Feel free to hear my music on all music platforms, also you can click on the links below. 

New Work: ROND

ROND (ROUND) is a cycle of songs based on the months of the year. The startingpoint of ROND is my voice. It guides you through a year and surrounds you, like swimming deeper and deeper into a pond, like hiking further and further into a mountain landscape. The voices create rooms and paths through the year.

Instruments I'll be using : guitar, ukulele and drums. Also I work with a collection of recorded sounds. Wind, dry wood or ice skates on ice.

Stars on Your Skin
DSC_0824 kopie.jpeg

During the Covid pandemic and the first lockdown in the Netherlands, I started collaborating with composer and pianist Marko Ivic. We couldn't be in the same room, but we did have the internet. With a dogma to not send a song more than 6 times to each other, we created and improvised music. Our single Stars on Your Skin is the first release from these sessions.


In 2018 I released my first album Pinecones. The music is written, performed and produced by be.

Available in all music stores and platforms. 

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