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Casino Nonstop

Espen Hjort / Theater Utrecht

Casino Nonstop is a musical rollercoaster based on a legendary family history.

Casino Nonstop is about the dreamer, artist, refugee Max Lefko, performed by Sanne den Hartogh. With Mees Borgman as dancer on his side he travels through Europe. Looking for a home they meet all kinds of people, all performed by Bram van der Kelen.

Espen Hjort based this piece on the story of his far related 'Oncle Max', who, being Jewish, fled to Oslo. In the 50's he started the legendary Casino Non Stop Show, a stage for variety, comedy, acrobats, dansers and music from all over the world.

Directed by: Espen Hjort

Written by: Simon Weeda

Performed by: Mees Borgman, Sanne den Hartogh & Bram van der Kelen

Sound design by: Marko Ivic

Stage design by: Ruben Wijnstok

Costume design by: Esmee Thomassen

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