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Theater Utrecht Davy Pieters Reenactment of the Now Fotograaf Roel van berckelaer2.jpg

Re-enectment of the now

Davy Pieters / Theater Utrecht

It's 2016, climatechange is real, the warnings are real. The earth is warming up, the water is rising. Why is it so hard for us to change? Radically? 

Te-enactment of the Now is a filmic, out-door performance. We are zooming in and out through time and space, reflecting on this moment we are living. Re-enacntment is a life ci-fi documentary. 

Directed by: Davy Pieters

Performed by: Mees Borgman, Joost Bolt, Lotte Driessen, Mathieu Wijdeven, Klara Alexova, Thomas Dudkievic

Sound design: Jimi Zoet

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