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Staat van Geluk

Mees Borgman
(2015- 2018)

Staat van Geluk (State of Happiness) is a musical solo.

Close and intimate.

Theater like a hug.

In a circus tent i give you a warm welkom.

I will set the alarm and I will do an attempt 

to entertain you in 30 minutes

with a collection.

To make you as happy as possible.

To make a difference.

In a state of happiness we might change the world.

Come in and pick your chair.

This pieces has been performing on different festivals, in different places ever since she was created in 2015 as my graduation piece.

Theater Frascati, Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch during the Happiness-Festival, Festival Stukafest, Festival de Parade 2018 & Circus Festival Circo Circolo 2018.

Also this pieces is available for booking via Schnabby and samen/uit/thuis.

Concept  & idea by: Mees Borgman

Directed and performed by: Mees Borgman

Muziek & sound design by: Mees Borgman

Stage design & costume by: Martina Bauer

Produced by: Saly Ndoye

Technical support by: Iwan Kolk

Coaching by: Mara van Vlijmen

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