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Espen Hjort & Mees Borgman / Landmarks

AStonework is a playful and primitive physical duet between a human performer and a stone from the Hallingskarvet mountain range in Norway. The starting point for the work is the wish to collaborate as equals with the stone and to create a work that is just as engaging for a stone as for a human. This forced us to rethink our approach to theatre and our means of communication. Stonework is about vibration, temperature, force and gravity, and about two bodies trying to become one another. But how do you entertain a stone?


Even if the work is stone-centred, we would like to invite a human audience to witness this duet, in the hope that we can all be infected with a bit of stone-ness. Perhaps the stone can teach us about softness? Eventually, our aim is to learn how to coexist with nonhumans in a more empathic way.

The work is gentle and playful, part physical performance, part theatrical installation and part composition. Composer Seán ó Dálaigh creates a sound work based on the unique frequencies of the stone performer.

Stonework marks the beginning of a series of works created together with Mees under the name Landmarks. This work for stones will be followed by Treework, Mountainwork and several other works. Site-specific editions of Stonework will happen in 2023.

More information about Landmarks:

Idea & Concept: Espen Hjort, Mees borgman & Stone

Directing: Espen Hjort & Stone

Performance & Choreography: Mees Borgman & Stone

Sound & Composition: Seán ó Dálaigh & Stone

Stage design: Grischa Runge & Stone

Coaching choreography: Bára Sigfúsdottir

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